Why Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft are doing amazing things with Office 365, rolling out new features on a seemingly daily basis. One of the fastest growing applications in the Office 365 family is Teams, Microsoft’s innovative tool allowing collaboration across working groups with an incredible number of customisation options which will save your team a huge amount of time every day.

Teams essentially works as a complete collaboration platform for your staff – You can use it for central file storage in the same way you could SharePoint, you can chat with the whole team privately, one-to-one or in groups. Just like on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, you can get people’s attention by using the @ symbol, and they’ll be notified on whichever device they have to hand – really useful if they’re out of the office and you need a response ASAP. Need to cut the clutter and clip out irrelevant parts of a conversation? No problem. Need a topic-based chat to add or remove people as and when you need to? Teams can do that.

Another leap forward with Teams is the ability to integrate other Office 365 applications, meaning that you can open and edit Word documents without needing to download, edit and upload ever again. If you’re a OneNote or SharePoint user, you can create a tab within Teams for these applications, giving you quick access to the rest of your Office 365 app suite. Your OneDrive is also available from within Teams with one click, allowing you to share files in seconds. The compatibility doesn’t stop there – you can integrate many of your favourite third party apps such as Twitter, Trello and Mailchimp.

Teams is taking over from Skype for Business and will provide even more functionality – for example, using the open meeting function, you and your colleagues can collaborate via text, audio and/or video from anywhere in the world as if you’re sitting next to each other. If other group members have something to add, they can drop in and out at any point.

Benefits of Microsoft teams

Here’s five good reasons to use Microsoft Teams

A Complete Communication Hub
Do you want to chat by text, whether online or offline? All messages in Teams are archived and searchable. Need to speak in real-time? Teams seamlessly integrates voice and video calling.

File Sharing
Microsoft Teams can be used as your central file library. Need to share a brief, a budget spreadsheet or even your screen? No problem – if it’s on a Microsoft app, you can share and edit it, all within Teams.

All your Microsoft Apps in one place, fully functional
All your favourite programs work seamlessly from within Teams – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Forms, Planner and Power BI – you name it, it works!

Use on any device, any time
Teams will work across just about any device you can imagine – from iPads to MacBooks, Android / iOS phones and in a browser if all else fails!

Third-Party integration
Salesforce, ZenDesk, Github, Twitter and Trello to name but a few – they’re all available within Teams alongside a growing number of AI Bots, which you can deploy into groups for a richer experience, or chat with one-on-one.

With top notch security, support across iOS and Android and even the ability to create memes within conversations, Microsoft have created a hub tool that keeps you and your team connected like never before. To find out more, give one of our team a call on 01543 721001.