Why do I need to back up Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Office Backups

One of the most business–friendly innovations in recent years has been the proliferation of cloud apps like Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce. These SaaS apps have fundamentally changed the way we do business, enabling companies to take advantage of economies of scale, reduce infrastructure costs, and expand the limitations of office working.

There is a very common misconception that SaaS providers including Microsoft take full backups  of your data. The backup and recoverability that Microsoft actually provides, and what people think they are getting, often varies. Many businesses won’t find out until it’s too late and their data is permanently lost.

Here’s what Microsoft offers as standard in terms of redundancy:
Geo-redundancy: Microsoft 365 offers   which protects against site or hardware failure. If there is an infrastructure crash or major outage, your users will more than likely remain online and be unaware of these underlying issues.
Onedrive/SharePoint second stage recycle bin: In Microsoft 365, data deleted from the Recycle Bin in OneDrive or SharePoint goes to the second stage recycle bin and is recoverable from there for up to 30 days (by default) with admin assistance.

It’s important to note that Microsoft as standard doesn’t offer any protection for malicious or accidental deletion of data e.g. emails, Word, Excel & PowerPoint docs. While cloud applications like Microsoft 365 can be considered more resistant to data loss than most conventional solutions where data is simply stored on the user’s hard drive, they are unfortunately far from immune to irreparable loss of data. Most organisations back up their data from an on-premise server or users’ devices to ensure they don’t have a single point of failure for their irreplaceable information. This doesn’t stop being a great idea just because the data is now in the cloud. If you’re using SaaS applications, make sure you are treating the data just as you do your on-premise data: BACK IT UP! It’s a standard practice that needs to be implemented wherever your business data lives.

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