Tech-as-a-Service: Making IT more efficient, agile and cost effective

Tech As A Service

Is buying computers outright the best way to spend your business’ budget? Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) allows you to combine your hardware, software and services into one single subscription. Tech is constantly advancing, and with it comes a lot more flexibility, meaning that we can pass on savings of both time and money straight to our customers. By paying on a monthly basis for your computers, monitors, keyboards, tablets and phones, you can get access to the latest technology, optimise your IT budget and simplify your bill with TaaS. 

We know it can be a struggle to find the necessary cashflow, time and resources to deploy, manage and maintain IT infrastructure across your entire organisation. With ageing devices that can’t keep up with user workloads and new, resource-intensive software, the cost of support & speed of service is impacted. We like to make it easy for our clients to manage their IT, and we think that TaaS can help with many issues that your business might encounter on a day-to-day basis. 

How best to think about TaaS? It’s a bit like leasing a car,  so you can trade in for an upgraded model every couple of years! It’s one simple, flexible subscription for all your technology needs – bundle it all together and potentially save up to 30% on total cost of hardware and software.   With the latest high-spec hardware available to you and your staff, your productivity will be increased, and your need for support is reduced. Let’s look at an example for a rapidly growing small business – you need 10 new computers, along with monitors and a range of additional peripherals for your staff. You also need a new SQL database installation, which is a hefty one-off cost. You can spread both your hardware and one-off software costs using TaaS, meaning manageable monthly payments as opposed to a much larger upfront expenditure. 

Our customers are adopting TaaS for all these reasons and reducing their own IT workload by letting us deal with the procurement and management of these new devices. For example, one of our customers recently moved into brand new, custom-built premises and they needed a hassle-free solution that ensured their move went as smoothly as possible and that they were up and running with a minimum of downtime. We supplied them with a hardware and software solution using TaaS, ensuring that their entire workflow – including emails, access to shared data and bespoke line of business software – continued uninterrupted on brand new devices in their new offices. Another of our customers has grown rapidly in the last 6 months and needed their IT solution to match that growth. Their TaaS subscription meant that they could quickly and easily order new hardware and software licenses and continue to grow, without the disruption to operating cashflow that a huge upfront outlay can bring. 

In short, TaaS allows you to keep your technology completely up to date – source the right technology today, at the lowest price, and remain adaptable for whatever comes tomorrow.