Staff Monitoring & Productivity

Staff productivity is becoming increasingly important, and monitoring how your staff use their time can reduce workload and make everyone’s lives easier. With a huge number of employers shifting from office to home working, one of the key concerns for businesses is ensuring that staff maintain the same level of productivity as well as adhering to company policy and procedures. With this shift potentially becoming permanent for many companies who realise that expensive office space is not necessarily required to run their operations, it is even more important to have suitable technical solutions in place to protect the business.  

User activity monitoring software can certainly be a good way to ensure that staff are fulfilling their potential while working from home, but that is not the only reason these solutions are put in place. Much more than an invasive ‘big brother’s watching you’ solution, this software can ensure that internal security policies and regulatory requirements are adhered to and provides the company with valuable information which can help to streamline processes, deploy workload more effectively, thus saving time.  

There are solutions available which will report on employee activity with customisable reports to identify teams, departments, individual productivity, social media use, time spent on projects and apps amongst others. 

Additional benefits include:  

Compliance & Auditing – set alerts for non-compliant actions that notify the user in real time. 

User Behaviour Analytics – Identify behaviour anomalies to help uncover potential threats.  

Data loss prevention – Utilise biometrics and other safeguards to prevent malicious data extraction. 

Insider Threat Prevention – Automate risk detection and block unwanted employee behaviour. 

It is increasingly important in these unprecedented times that employers protect themselves as much as possible from both internal and external threats while still respecting the privacy of their employees.  

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