Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, Enabling Secure Remote Working.

Windows Virtual Desktop

What is the purpose of a virtual desktop?

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop allows staff to access their desktop, applications and files from anywhere on almost any computer with an internet connection, including tablets and mobiles. Hosted in the Microsoft cloud and centrally managed, Windows Virtual Desktop provides a consistent and secure experience that is as good as being in the office.

How will Virtual Desktop help my organisation?

  • Provide a consistent user experience with access to only approved applications and files.
  • Autoscaling that you control based on your business needs reducing desktop management, infrastructure and support costs.
  • Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Increased security – Your infrastructure hardware can’t be stolen, lost or tampered with. Microsoft has industry leading data centre security and provides powerful security tools to protect your environment and users.
  • Users can work on any supported device, the data and applications are separated from the local hardware and are run on the remote server, reducing the risk of confidential data being left on a personal device, supporting a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) strategy.
  • IT administrators can ensure that everyone is on approved, up to date software versions.
  • Deploy and scale in minutes once initial setup is complete.

In a nutshell, Windows Virtual Desktop brings several benefits to your organisation, including more secure remote working, easy scalability, quick deployment and simplified IT management as well as reduced licensing and infrastructure costs.

Click here to see how digital banking provider Q2 used Windows Virtual Desktop to allow their team members around the globe to work safely from home using their personal devices until they could be provided with company administered equipment.

After the unprecedented COVID crisis of the last year and moving forward into new ways of working, Windows Virtual Desktop provides a secure, flexible and reliable solution.

Windows Virtual Desktop